Successful People Eliminate the Victim Mentality

Doesn't it seem like nobody takes responsibility anymore? It's always somebody else's fault. Do you or your organization waste countless hours because people don't take responsibility? Are there people constantly blaming others as an excuse for their dissatisfaction in life or poor or unfinished work? Put an end to the victim mentality today as well as relying on government agencies for everything with your very own personal responsiblity guide.

The Great Blame Game Escape takes a humorous look at our society and how personal responsibility is all but lost. It's all around us and we don't even notice it. From our casual conversations to formal education to media and politics, the buck is passed again and again. A doghouse code in San Francisco? Friends using deaths of celebrities as excuses for not calling you back? Stop the madness and read this light-hearted account of personal empowerment.

You can break free from government dependency and the Blame Game and claim your independence and success with the empowerment from The Great Blame Game Escape. Order yours today!