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Selected Excerpt

Just how far out of control has the blame-game gotten? It’s easy to see because it’s everywhere you look. If you’re a victim of being overweight you have a number of companies to blame. You’ve got McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s for starters. Those evil fat farms broke your will and forced you to eat at their institutions 5 times a week and never once warned you that consuming three fully-loaded cheeseburgers with French fries might lead to a possible increase in waist size. Oh, while you’re at it you also have Coke and Pepsi to blame. They didn’t give you fair warning that downing a 2-liter bottle of cola every day might not be the best way to trim down. Sounds outrageous, right? Who would even think of something so ridiculous? Well, governments at several levels in the United States are considering that an “obesity tax” be levied against all non-diet soft drinks sold in a town, county, state or even the country. Can fast-food be far behind? As state and federal budgets become extremely obese look for more politicians trying to find ways to make a profit from blaming. Leave it to public officials to provide victory for the victims. But wait, there’s more…

Do you have lung cancer or emphysema? Blame the cigarette manufacturers. Is your child not succeeding in school? Blame the school. Blame the teacher. Heck, blame the crossing guard. The prevailing attitude among school parents today places all of the onus of learning on the schools and none of it on themselves. Did you get pregnant or get someone pregnant in high school? You’ve got a choice here. You can blame the TV and film industry for showing you too much sex. Or you can blame Calvin Klein for too many racy billboards. Your choice. Can’t hear that well? Blame Bose or the Apple iPod. Did you lose your job because you weren’t performing well? Blame the Chinese. Did you lose your job because of company cost-cutting? Definitely blame China or India, whoever is more convenient for you. Have an erection lasting more than 4 hours? It depends on your situation as to whether you’re blaming or thanking someone. If you are going to blame somebody you can always blame the pharmaceutical industry.

In all of these scenarios the common thread is that people choose to ignore or deny the obvious. How many fingers need to be pointed elsewhere before one realizes that he/she is the common denominator? How much weight needs to be put on? How many career opportunities need to be squandered? How many broken relationships never get repaired? When faced with honestly answering these tough questions we often seem to revert back to childhood and employ claims of ignorance such “I didn’t know”, “I had no idea” or “I didn’t know anything was wrong.” When we’re not truly honest with ourselves these are all knee-jerk reactions that just come out of our mouths from years of conditioning. I suppose it’s human nature to take the easier path. Playing the part of the victim is very easy. However, as it has been said many times, there is no free lunch. The convenience of victimhood comes with a steep price. It makes you weak and powerless and shackles you to your current situation, poor decisions and negativity. Essentially you willingly give up your freedom.